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Chef Gordon Ramsay to Serve Vegan Menu for Veganuary

Hell's (Kitchen) Has Frozen Over.

The longtime vegan critic who once suggested that the acronym PETA ( People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) should instead stand for “people eating tasty animals" and also compared tofu to his "grandma's loofa," is now going vegan. Sort of. 

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has had a change of heart, launching a vegan menu at his Bread Street Kitchen restaurant in London to celebrate Veganuary

"Replenish your body, try something new, or kick start 2019 with these vegan dishes," says the restaurant's website. 

Diners can choose from a number of delicious-sounding vegan options, including a "super salad" and a pumpkin soup for appetizers, as well as a wild mushroom and truffle risotto or a charred aubergine pizza for mains.

While the vegan menu will be available until February 3rd, perhaps Ramsay might choose to make it a mainstay. After all, the "Hells Kitchen" star has been slowly, even if reluctantly,  accepting plant-based options. Last year, he added a vegan pizza to his latest restaurant, Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, which opened in April 2018. 

"Going to give this #vegan thing a try ... Yes guys you heard that right. Gx," he tweeted.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Then, just a few months later, he participated in a vegan cook-off opposite actress and vegan, Madelaine Petsch ("Riverdale"), in a one-on-one, "Masterchef"-inspired mystery box challenge.

Considering that plant-based foods topped $3.1 billion in sales in 2017, and the category is expected to only grow, implementing a year-round vegan menu just makes good business sense. 

If Ramsay can't beat the vegans, then he might as well join 'em.

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