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Growing Tomatoes on Garbage...


It happens to us all. You buy some fruits or vegetables, you don’t eat them quick enough and they go bad. Most people throw them out or if they plant a garden they toss them in their compost pile and use that as fertilizer, but you don’t NEED to compost, there’s another way.

L. A. Rotheraine of McKean County Biodynamics in Bradford, Pennsylvania grows tomatoes like that giant one in the video on a mound of garbage. It’s simple. You dig a whole and pile it high with rotten fruits and vegetables, spoiled food, dead plants, manure, pretty much anything that rots. Then plant a tomato on top and watch it grow to gigantic proportions.

Trust me, it works and you don’t need to live in the country or be an expert farmer to do it. I’m hardly an agricultural guru, actually I’m kind of a moron, and I managed to do it. Last year, I saved up a bunch of garbage and raised a big tomato. This Spring I’m doing it again. I’ve already got sprouts growing on my windowsill and three boxes of rot and counting.

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