Healthy Snacks for Kids Sold with a Junk Food Marketing Technique

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Would you like some crazy carrots?! What about some insane organic fruit cups… with no sugar added?! Yes, I’m sure you would like to consume all of those healthy things, and the companies that are selling these “extreme,” healthy snacks for kids are hoping your kids will dig these offerings, too.

But should we allow junk food marketing techniques to be used when selling healthy snacks for kids?

According to NPR, food markets are trying to get kids, and their parents into the produce aisle by creating “kid-focused snacking sections.”

The company that’s trying to engage grocers in these healthy campaigns is Bolthouse Farms. You may remember Bolthouse’s extreme baby carrots marketing campaign from 2010.

While the company is still selling those kid-friendly healthy snacks, it’s also working on other types of kid-centric products, too. Some of the new stuff the company is developing includes pureed fruit tubes, all-fruit smoothie bags, and carrots that now come with flavorful seasonings.

While it’s a relief to health-minded parents that they can easily pick up healthy and fun pre-packaged snacks for their kids, many moms and dads want to keep the majority of their kids’ snacks homemade.

So, what to make? The following DIY kids’ snacks are fun and healthy:

Fresh veggies and homemade hummus: DUH. You know this homemade snack is easy to make and healthy. But consider cutting the veggies into a fun shape. Yes. Like a cucumber snake. What kid would not want to chow down on that fun snack? The same also can be done with fruit.

English muffin pizza: Anything tiny and bite-sized is automatically fun. All you need for this is a whole-grain English muffin, some organic pizza sauce, and the cheese (real or non-dairy) and meat (again – real or “fake“), of your choosing.

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