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How Global Warming will Harm the United States…

Tuesday, the government released a report summarizing the science and impact of global climate change on the United States.


And this is not earthy-crunchy finger-pointing. Rather, it’s the work of 12 federal agencies, including NASA and Environmental Protection Agency.

It's scary. The risks global warming poses for the U.S. are steep and far reaching, ranging from spread of disease, drought, sea-level rise and more.

Here are some important findings:

  • Human population growth and overuse of resources contributes to climate change.
  • Global warming is happening in the U.S. and will get worse.
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Droughts and flooding are compromising water sources.
  • Hotter temperatures are making it difficult to farm and raise livestock.
  • Rising sea-levels and storm surge threaten coasts and increase erosion.
  • Poor air quality and pollution endanger human health.
  • Weather changes worsen airborne and waterborne diseases.
  • And our actions to curb climate change today will impact our future.

For the entire report, check out: United States Global Change Research Program.

Via ENN.

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