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How to Be Organic On a Budget

It stinks to admit it, but most times organic foods are more expensive than the regular stuff; sometimes organic farmers markets are cheaper or about the same.


So how do you go organic on a budget, especially in this miserable United States economy? Easy, you kidnap a genie and make a wish!

No, it's easier than that. RedPlum, a promotional company that helps sell various food products, from health foods to not-so health foods, has 10 tips for going organic on the cheap.

Guess what number one is? Shopping at a farmers market. Ha! See, I told you. Then again, organic or not, shopping at a farmers market is the best idea. Its less expensive and the produce is a lot fresher and higher quality.

Another tip I really liked is going vegetarian for a couple days each week. I'm a vegetarian and not only is it healthier for you, but fruits and vegetables are a lot cheaper than filet mignon and pork tenderloin.

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From the Organic Authority Files

RedPlum also suggests clipping coupons. No, coupons aren't just for little old ladies anymore. In this tough economy, if a supermarket is willing to play let's make a deal, go for it! Then again, I'm a hypocrite; using coupons feels weird to me.

For the complete list of organic tips, head over to RedPlum - do it, do it now!

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