How to Revolutionize Food Sustainability: It’s Easy with Barnraiser

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Shaping the future of food sustainability is something we can all have a hand in… but sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. That’s where Barnraiser comes in.

Barnraiser is a unique crowd-funding platform that’s just for food.

The mission of this group is to put a billion dollars into the hands of different food innovators, like producers of healthy foods, directors of community gardens, organic farmers and more.

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And to do that, they need help. Our help.

Founder Eileen Gordon got Barnraiser started because she knew how many people would be willing to help make the food world a better place if only given the opportunity. With a platform like Barnraiser, you can choose which projects strike a chord with you and put your dollars towards innovating the food world in a way that makes sense to you.

Participating is simple and rewarding. All it takes is one dollar, one project at a time. Right now, that includes a Butchers’ Guild in the Bay Area, culinary gardens in elementary schools, the creation of new, globally-inspired nutrition bars and more.

In addition, Barnraiser has just launched The Pitch In Challenge, where the first $1 tip is matched by Barnraiser. They’re calling this the “tip jar,” and they have a goal of 250,000 tips right now to jump start thousands of food projects.

“The Barnraiser Pitch In Challenge is exciting because it allows the millions of us who care about good food and healthy living to step up in a small but powerful way and support the people who are changing how we eat in America,” says Gordon.

Anyone with a great idea can use the platform to help it get funded, and as more projects begin, the food world will slowly become a more sustainable, healthy, delicious place.

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So how can you pitch in?

Donate a dollar (or more!) towards the future of our food. Pick a Barnraiser project that rings true for you, or start a project of your own. Every little bit helps towards the global future of healthy and sustainable food.

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