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This New Kitchen App Will Revolutionize Your Cooking (It's Waze for Food!)

New  Kitchen App for Home Cooking

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What Waze has done for driving, Innit is doing for home cooking: this innovative new kitchen app's goal is to automate every step of your experience in the kitchen, from planning your grocery list to timing out dinner perfectly.

How Does Innit Work?

An Innit user can essentially use the app for every step of the home cooking process.

Start by editing your profile to account for your son’s peanut allergy, your preference for plant-based foods, or your husband’s love of all things spicy. Once you've inputted this data, Innit will curate an assortment of recipes chosen just for you. Choose the recipes you want to make over the course of the week, add them to your menu, and the app will generate a smart shopping list, ensuring you get everything you need in one trip.

Of course, you don't have to plan in advance to take advantage of Innit. Say you’ve just come home on Monday night from your daughter’s swim meet. Your son needs help with his homework, everyone's hungry, and you don't have time to head back out to the store. Just let Innit know what you’ve got in the cupboards and the fridge, and the app will suggest meals that you can make with what you have in the time you have.

Once it's time to cook, the app is there to guide you as well. Each recipe is accompanied by a series of text and video instructions. This is great for mastering techniques like spatchcocking or mincing, and it also ensures that everything is sequenced properly based on how long it's expected to take, so all of the elements of your meal are ready at once.

Perhaps Innit's most highly touted attribute is its ability to work in conjunction with smart appliances, like GE Appliances ovens, Bosch smart ovens, and Perfect connected scales. Those with these appliances at home can take advantage of Innit's ability to preheat the oven, measure exactly the amount of each ingredient you need, and even let you know when the meal is ready.


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From the Organic Authority Files

Innit is the App for the Reality of Home Cooking

The folks at Innit understand all too well that often, there are two sides to every home cook's foodie fantasies: there's the inspirational side, fed by scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram feeds of perfectly plated dishes, and then there's the reality, where we're short on time and ideas, making home cooking more of a chore than anything else.

“Most consumers today are immediately overwhelmed, and they’re not really getting the help they need in terms of answering that question, ‘What’s for dinner?’” explains Innit's Chief Operating Officer, Josh Sigel.

Most of the over 5,000 recipes available on Innit are designed with this reality in mind: quick, relatively easy, and healthy. New partnerships with chefs like Tyler Florence will continue in this vein, with meals that are intended to inspire but also to fulfill a very real need: that of getting dinner on the table.

Sigel notes that this philosophy is also essential when Innit decides which new functionalities to prioritize and develop.

“We’re not about tech for tech’s sake,” he says. “We really try to shy away from anything we think is gimmicky.”

This means that Innit capabilities are integrated only if they are going to be useful to the home cook. One great example is the ability to change pretty much any element of a dish. A recipe for glazed tofu with sweet potatoes, for example, allows a user to modify the protein (subbing chicken or pork chop), the side, and even the sauce. With every change, the recipe is automatically updated to reflect the new calorie count, cooking time, and ingredients list.

Other innovations on the horizon reflect this philosophy, such as a recently announced partnership with meal kit service Chef'd (set to launch in March) and forthcoming partnerships with e-commerce retailers, both intended to significantly cut down on shopping time, making it even easier to have all of the ingredients you need on-hand when you need them.

“It is a privilege to play an important role in helping people eat, a responsibility we take to heart,” says Sigel. “We are committed to making a difference in people's lives and continuing to build a brand that stands for The Way You Eat.”

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