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Iron Chef America Bans Threatened Bluefin Tuna


LA Weekly reports that Iron Chef America has banned bluefin tuna from its menu because of the species' threatened status. A lot of restaurants are in a bind, because tuna is a popular ingredient, but organizations like the Monterey Bay Aquarium have been warning that the fish's population is plummeting.

Looks like the TV show has been persuaded by the alliance of environmentalists and celebrities who have been pushing restaurants (like trendy Nobu) to ditch the fish. Rick Bayless, Michelle Bernstein, and Suzanne Goin and other great chefs have taken a sustainable seafood pledge. Avoiding threatened species of fish should be a no-brainer. If all the different colors of fins have you confused, the Environmental Defense Fund has a handy sustainable sushi guide to help you use your chopsticks ethically.

Image Credit: Kawanet

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