It's Low-Carbon "Cherry Garcia" Ice Cream, Man

People love ice cream. It’s at ballparks, barbecues, street fairs, carnivals and every other slice of Americana.


But ice cream isn’t exactly easy on the environment, even if you only eat soy ice cream, like me.

It takes a lot of electricity to power the huge web of refrigeration required to produce and transport the frozen treat.

From the Organic Authority Files

That’s why Unilever, maker of Ben & Jerry’s, hopes to invent ice cream that doesn’t require refrigeration.

So, just how much nuclear fissile will it take? It sounds very science-fiction! But it might not be. Unilever is rumored to be developing “ambient” ice cream, which can be shipped and sold at room temperature.

Customers freeze it at home. Obviously, slashing all this refrigeration will reduce energy costs and lower carbon footprints, but will it taste good?

Plus, how the heck do you market warm ice cream! Okay then, time for a little experiment. Would you buy so-called “ambient” ice cream?

Via Environmental Capital.

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