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It's True: Everything Stinks ['Stink! The Movie' Review]

"Sink!" is entertaining and informational.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “gee, this is a great, big, stinky world we live in.” If so, you are correct. The Earth is filled with all sorts of scents, from the most fragrant flowers to foul, rotting mush. And of course, nasty chemical-laden scented products. Everything from plastics and clothing to beauty and cleaning products are filled with fragrance that can be less than awesome for any living being. And while we all know that fragrance is everywhere, “Stink! The Movie” shows viewers the insidiousness of scents.

“Stink!” starts off with a simple antidote that’s relatable: A dad gifts his daughters some cute pajamas. When the kids open the package containing the pajamas, everyone in the room gets a strong whiff of some type of strange, chemical-like stench. Jon Whelan, the single father of the two girls and the director/producer of the film, was so disturbed and curious about what the offensive scent was that he began to investigate. But after going to the source — the maker of the pajamas — he didn’t get an answer. He called the company to find out what chemicals and materials were in the pajamas, but no one at the business had a clear answer. So, Whelan took matters into his own hands and had an independent company test the pajamas. The company’s discovery wasn't great -- the clothing included some potential cancer causing “ingredients.”

The film goes on to show just how many products contain potentially dangerous ingredients. While some ingredients are clearly printed on a label, others are hidden under the vast “fragrance” umbrella. Basically, companies can just label “fragrance” as an ingredient and don’t have to disclose anything about what’s used to make that fragrance, opening the door for the use of all sorts of dangerous ingredients.

And rest assured, Whelan didn't make this movie to get personal attention or for fame -- he jumped down the stinky rabbit hole to fulfill his deceased wife's wish -- to protect his daughters and keep them healthy.

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You can watch "Stink!" on its digital release date, February 16, 2016.

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