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Just in Time: Green Festival Comes to Los Angeles


As the Occupy Wall Street movement's momentum shows no sign of slowing down, "alternatives" seem to be on everyone's mind these days. From alternative economic models to how we grow and raise our food to how we regard our fellow Earthlings, like a wise man once said, the times, they are a-changin'. And, we might add, fast.

If you happen to live in the Los Angeles area and are looking for more information and inspiration on some of these pertinent alternatives and changes, look no further than the LA Convention Center this weekend (October 29-30) as the Green Festival brings the best in forward thinking visionaries, products and services, and experts, including OA's very own publisher, Laura Klein.

While you're there, be sure to check out the Organic Authority booth among the hundreds of incredible vendors, and our publisher, Laura Klein's participation in the panel discussion titled "Blogging for Good" Saturday at 4:30 at the Media Revolution Stage.

From the Organic Authority Files

Drop in for a yoga class, check out an alternative energy or food demo, and chat with manufacturers focused on sustainable, green living as you do some eco and Occupy-friendly holiday shopping by supporting small artisan crafters rather than large multinational corporations.

And don't miss two great presenters we're especially excited about: Starhawk and Jeffrey Smith. Author of 12 books, Starhawk is a leading expert on the modern Goddess religion, permaculture and earth-based spirituality. We're looking forward to hearing her perspective on the fast-moving changes sweeping our nation, how to stay balanced during it all, and what comes next. Author Jeffrey Smith is one of the foremost experts on genetically modified foods. You'll want pen and paper handy as he dives into the world of GMOs, the corporations behind the technology, what we can do to avoid eating them, and how to get involved in making sure GMOs are clearly labeled so that consumers can have the freedom to choose.

Tickets are $10, making it easy to attend this event (and it's certainly one you cannot afford to miss!). Or, bring e-waste (such as cell phones, laptops, and printers) to the festival to donate them to the nonprofit Home Boys, and your admission is free.

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Image: Green Festival

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