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Kraft Foods to Remove Artificial Colors and Preservatives From Its Mac & Cheese

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Kraft Foods to Remove Synthetic Dyes and Preservatives From Its Iconic Blue Box

Kraft Foods has announced it will remove artificial colors and preservatives from its Original Kraft Macaroni & Cheese by January 2016 in the U.S. Instead, the iconic brand will choose colors from natural sources like annatto, paprika, and turmeric.

"We've met with families in their homes and watched them prepare Kraft Mac & Cheese in their kitchens. They told us they want to feel good about the foods they eat and serve their families, including everything from improved nutrition to simpler ingredients," said Triona Schmelter, Vice President of Marketing, Meals at Kraft Foods in a statement. "They also told us they won't compromise on the taste of their Mac & Cheese—and neither will we. That's why we've been working tirelessly to find the right recipe that our fans will love."

Kraft Foods has already removed artificial preservatives from its Kraft Mac & Cheese Boxed Shapes in the U.S., as well as yellow artificial coloring from five of its character-based Mac & Cheese products.

The announcement comes more than a year after two food bloggers and a petition brought attention to the food dyes found in Kraft Mac & Cheese—though the company says the change is all about innovating its brand and is not a response to public criticism. Artificial dyes like those formerly used in Kraft's Mac & Cheese products are already prohibited in other countries like the United Kingdom.

"Listening, extensive research and continuous improvement have been part of the Kraft Mac & Cheese 75-year heritage. From packaging like convenient Cups to products like Deluxe, Organic and Whole Grain to light prep instructions, we've innovated this iconic brand through the years to remain North America's favorite Mac & Cheese," said Schmelter in a statement.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Kraft Foods made headlines last month when the company voluntarily recalled 6 million boxes of its original flavored macaroni and cheese because of customer complaints the boxes contained metal. The company said as a result of the slip up, it received eight “customer contacts” regarding the contaminated products, but there were no injuries to report. Kraft hopes to shine light on a more positive side of the company.

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