Kroger’s Fair Trade Product Expansion Leads Industry

Kroger Expands Fair Trade

Taking yet another cue from Millennial shoppers and their quest for clean and transparent products with social justice commitments, Kroger has announced it’s adding ten new Fair Trade Certified products to its in-house Simple Truth brand in a partnership with Fair Trade USA.

Kroger hasn’t revealed what the new items will be; it already features nearly 300 Fair Trade Certified products including coffee, cocoa, coconut, tea, sugar, and agave nectar, leading the conventional grocery industry in Fair Trade selections.

“Kroger’s partnership with Fair Trade USA supports our Zero Hunger | Zero Waste vision and allows us to Live Our Purpose: to Feed the Human Spirit,” Gil Phipps, vice president of Our Brands, said in a statement. “The Fair Trade model supports income sustainability, environmental stewardship, empowerment and the well-being of every participating farming community. As customer interest in Fair Trade products grows, Kroger is proud to be leading the industry with our Simple Truth® offerings and increasing our product selection every year.”

Fair Trade certification requires farmers to meet and adhere to a set of social, environmental, and economic standards. After achieving the certification, a premium on every sale goes into a community bank account for farmers and farm workers. Funds are typically used to support projects including healthcare, education, and water and food security measures.

Kroger has purchased Fair Trade Certified products since 2012, when Kroger launched the Simple Truth brand.

“Kroger’s commitment to Fair Trade is a powerful example of responsible sourcing in the retail industry,” said Ken Redding, Chief Commercial Officer at Fair Trade USA. “The impact is felt across the many Fair Trade communities where they source and reflects Kroger customers’ growing desire to shop their values.”

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