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Want to Buy Local Meat? There's an App for That

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One of the biggest issues with trying to eat a more local, sustainable diet is sourcing your meat (if you're a meat eater). Many farms and ranches using sustainable practices don't produce enough product to meet the demand of a mainstream supermarket or large specialty chain like Whole Foods. And unless you've got room in your freezer for half a cow, you could be out of luck when it comes to contacting farmers directly. But a new app seeks to change all that, connecting meat lovers with their farmers and vice versa.

Currently, AgLocal hasn't even gone into its alpha testing phase yet, but when it does, the app's goal is to connect individual consumers with farmers and distributors to help simplify the supply chain for local and sustainably raised meat. It's kind of a cross between belonging to a CSA and ordering your organic foods online. The process would go something like this: you log into the app and locate a farmer selling a product you want. You place an order, and an independent distributor will arrange to have it delivered to a local grocery store, where you will pick it up and pay for it. Easy peasey!

Even though the program hasn't launched yet, the idea alone is creating quite a bit of buzz in both the foodie and the tech worlds, with articles about the startup already popping up on and in Fast Company. Founders Naithan Jones and Jacob McDaniel hope that their brainchild will be the technological leap that will connect small family farms with individual consumers in a way that hasn't been explored for meat-eaters in the same way it has for fruits and veggies.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The company hopes to launch the app for testing this summer, with very limited distribution in San Francisco and New York, but eventually, they hope to take their network worldwide.

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