Maine Launching Organic Milk – Calling it “MOOMilk”

Ten Maine farmers have joined forces to launch a company named MOOMilkCo., short for Maine’s Own Organic Milk Company, to sell a new line of organic milk.

“MOOMilk,” as it is being called, was launched in response to the farmers being let go by H.P. Hood Inc., a Massachusetts based dairy company, due to slumping sales.

An official with MOOMilk said he is astounded with the level of cooperation and partnership among the companies.

And a member of the board of directors called it a terrific example of Maine’s agricultural community pulling together.

MOOMilk will be hitting retailers in Maine, such as Wal-mart, in early November. The milk only takes 96 hours to get from the cow to the store.

Officials are optimistic that MOOMilkCo. could serve as a business model for other farming endeavors in Maine.

Via Bangor Daily News.

Image credit: teresia