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Maine Launching Organic Milk - Calling it "MOOMilk"

Ten Maine farmers have joined forces to launch a company named MOOMilkCo., short for Maine's Own Organic Milk Company, to sell a new line of organic milk.


“MOOMilk,” as it is being called, was launched in response to the farmers being let go by H.P. Hood Inc., a Massachusetts based dairy company, due to slumping sales.

An official with MOOMilk said he is astounded with the level of cooperation and partnership among the companies.

From the Organic Authority Files

And a member of the board of directors called it a terrific example of Maine's agricultural community pulling together.

MOOMilk will be hitting retailers in Maine, such as Wal-mart, in early November. The milk only takes 96 hours to get from the cow to the store.

Officials are optimistic that MOOMilkCo. could serve as a business model for other farming endeavors in Maine.

Via Bangor Daily News.

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