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New Eco-Cars Coming Our Way…


The other week, I went to the 2009 New York Internal Car Show in New York City. Now, I’m not much of a car guy, but here’s the skinny on four brand new eco-friendly automobiles:

  • Top left: 2010 Ford Fiesta, compact and fuel efficient, originally debuted in Europe, now available in the United States.
  • Bottom left: Dodge Circuit EV Concept, modeled after the Lotus Elise, is the test car for completely electric motor technologies.
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From the Organic Authority Files

  • Top right: Kia Borrego FCEV, utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell and has a range of 426 miles!
  • Bottom right: Cadillac Converj, made by General Motors has a big solar panel on the roof.

I have to admit, what I know about cars could fit in a thimble. So big ups to my brother for explaining what the heck I was taking pictures of.

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