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Nourish Documentary: Why Sustainable Rocks


There are an overwhelming number of food documentaries on the market today, ranging from political to fanatical and documentary to educational. One of the latest to come out, Nourish, is an incredibly refreshing step apart from the otherwise heavy food docs. With a near G-rating and Disney-like tone, it doesn’t try to scare you into eating well; rather, it brings you the leading voices in the food industry to invite you in with ease and nonchalance.

The film is broken down into separate clips of sustainable food icons, each talking about something near and dear to their own heart. There’s food reformer Alice Waters, talking lovingly about gardens in schools, and Michael Pollan, talking about the power of eating with a community. Perhaps my favorite moment in Nourish is watching Brit celebrity Jamie Oliver talking to kids about why eating a purple potato is so cool—it’s not about being healthy, he stresses, it’s just about eating something awesome. The clip is an enjoyable riot.

Nourish is hosted by the ever-giggling Cameron Diaz (who I heard once did commercials urging women to turn off the water when they shave) so you know it’s going to be as harmless as food films can get. This is one you can show to your parents, to your meat-loving boyfriend, to the Republican hunter next door, and none of them will be angry with you afterwards. Mother Theresa was once asked why she never attended anti-war rallies, and her reply was that she only supported things that said “yes,” events that were pro-something; in other words, she wanted to be associated with only positive forces and actions in the world. This movie hits that same notion, and I believe it works.

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From the Organic Authority Files

This film works on many levels—it gives the audience a glimpse into the broader world of food today, beyond just “eat this, not that.” It reminds us of the importance of teaching our youth, of the joys of a community, and of the many ways food intersects in our lives outside of the kitchen. It’s a smiley face on a plate, and I say grab a fork.

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Disclosure: This DVD was supplied as a complimentary product for the review; no other compensation from Nourish was received.

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