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Numi Organic Tea First to Sport Non-GMO Verified Packaging

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Numi Organic Tea, a leader in the organic beverage industry, announced that it is the first company to receive approval for the coveted Non-GMO Project Verified seal—not just for its teas, but for its packaging and tea bags as well.

It turns out, certain "see-through," diamond- or pyramid-shaped tea bags that have become popular in recent years are either made with petroleum-derived nylon or a biodegradable plastic made from GMO corn.

"Organic and fair trade certified tea drinkers pay a premium to ensure their teas are produced in a sustainable and humane manner. It is our responsibility to ensure our packaging meets those expectations," Numi Co-Founder, CEO and Alchemist Ahmed Rahim told PR Newswire.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Numi Organic Tea is credited with starting and popularizing several tea trends in recent years, including organic flowering tea, rooibos, and most recently pu-erh tea, but has refused to follow the packaging trends seen elsewhere in the industry. The company's tea bags are made with natural hemp-based unbleached filter-paper and the tags are 100 percent recycled and printed with soy-based inks.

In addition to the Non-GMO Project Verified seal on its packaging, the company will now also sport the icon on 30 varieties of Numi's organic tea blends that are made with organic herbs, fruits, flowers and spices.

"People have a right to know what they're eating and drinking," Megan Westgate, Executive Director of the Non-GMO Project told PR Newswire. "Genetic engineering is an experimental and unstable process, which is why it's restricted or banned in nearly 50 countries around the world, including all of Europe, Japan, Australia, Russia and China. In the United States, close to 80 percent of packaged products sold in grocery stores are contaminated with GMOs, and the only reliable way to avoid them is to look for the Non-GMO Project Verified label."

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