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Obama Says U.S. Can Lead on Climate Change

We love big SUVs! We also love running the air-conditioning, towing huge RVs and campers, building dirty factories and every other carbon dioxide-spewing bad habit.


And by now, we all know that the United States and China are the leaders in greenhouse gas emissions, but President Obama is optimistic. He thinks the U.S. can lead the way on climate change.

Obama said the world needs target goals and not vague approaches, calling for tough decisions and concrete actions in order to stop a potentially cataclysmic disaster.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Just last month, natives of the Carteret Islands of Papua New Guinea had to abandon their homes due to encroaching seawaters.

The President urged nations with large carbon footprints to lead-by-example otherwise it will be difficult to persuade emerging nations to clean up their act. In December, countries will meet in the Danish capital of Copenhagen to discuss new climate change pacts and policies to counteract global warming.

Now, saying this is one thing. But can a nation of NASCAR fans oblige? I have my doubts.

Via the AFP.

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