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New Research Adds to the Evidence that a Plant-Based Diet is Better for the Environment
June 1, 2018
A new research analysis adds to overwhelming evidence in favor of a plant-based diet for reducing environmental impact and climate…
Organic Agriculture May Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, New Study Shows
November 24, 2017
New research shows that large-scale shifts towards organic agriculture and plant-based diets could reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
school lunches
February 20, 2017
Cutting the meat and dairy in school lunches by one-third saved one school district $42,000 and decreased its carbon footprint…
soil improvement
November 1, 2016
Prince Charles and the British government have entered into cooperation with France for a new soil improvement initiative.
Leonardo DiCaprio is Going to Make You a Vegan Environmentalist (Like it or Not!)
October 19, 2016
Leonardo DiCaprio is more patient than you. He's made another film to convince you that, while he's patient, remedying climate…
June 28, 2011
What's the real story on eco-friendly plastic alternatives - are they better for the environment or not? You might be…
October 5, 2010
Your ecological footprint can be drastically reduced by making a few shifts in the way you eat.
June 12, 2009
We love big SUVs! We also love running the air-conditioning, towing huge RVs and campers, building dirty factories and every…
April 24, 2009
Most people buy organic food because someone told them it’s pesticide-free, and that’s it. In our grab-and-go world, I doubt…
April 22, 2009
Being overweight or obese is bad. The health risks are significant. It’s common knowledge. You’re more likely to get heart…