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OrganicAuthority's Most Shared Articles from 2011


We hope you all enjoyed your countdowns as the clock turned from 2011 to 2012... but this is a different kind of countdown. Filled with appreciation for all that last year was, OrganicAuthority is soaring into 2012 with more passion and enthusiasm than ever. But we've got to give our most-loved articles one last hurrah. Here are the top ten articles from the 2011 OA ranks. We're so glad you enjoyed them, shared them and were inspired by them!

10. GMO Planting To Begin in More Than 50 Wildlife Refuges


The Obama administration has approved the strategic planting of genetically engineered seeds on more than 50 National Wildlife Refuges in the Midwest as part of region-wide habitat restoration efforts...

9. 19 Studies Suggest Link Between GMO Foods and Serious Organ Damage 


A new report published in the March 1 issue ofEnvironmental Sciences Europe has revealed a connection between genetically modified foods and significant risk of developing organ disruptions, particularly in the liver and kidneys...

8. Is Fabric Softener Toxic? (Hell Yes It Is!) 


Many moons ago, we were all convinced by the consumer gods that in addition to washing and drying our clothes, we needed to “soften” them too with a newfangled product: fabric softener. Not only would they keep our clothes from being hard and crunchy, but they would also save us from the mortifying circumstance of static cling...

7. I Can Naturally Whiten My Teeth With WHAT?


Glossy fashion ads, movie billboards and magazine covers feature our cultural icons at their very best – with seemingly flawless skin, enviably toned bodies and most importantly, superstar, high-wattage smiles – because it’s easy on the eyes and the entire powerhouse package helps sell whatever product is being hawked. Even if we pride ourselves on resisting superficiality, in all honesty, none of us would ever want to find out the real truth behind Victoria’s Secret if her posse of pouty beauties sported gnarly yellow teeth...

6. Who Needs Butter for Baking When You Have Avocado? And Other Substitutes... 

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From the Organic Authority Files

After all the decadence over the holidays and Valentine's Day, your waistline could use a break. But the thought of giving up your sweets is enough to send you into sugar shock. Try these butter alternatives the next time you bake for a lower-fat version that's just as tasty. After all, one cup of butter in a recipe adds a whopping 1,600 calories and 177 grams of fat. Eek!...

5. Diet Soda Makes You Fat 


The Wall Street Journal just reported that Diet Coke beats out Pepsi for consumers in the US—only Coke beats them both in total sales. Consumers reach for a can of that cold, bubbly, sweet beverage to get their jolted caffeine fix and a sugary high, but without the calories of normal soda. Sad thing is, if you're drinking diet soda, it's still going to make you fat. Find out why...

4. 1 Yoga Move for Sustained Energy 


Backbends. I don't love doing them (though I'm learning to). But, I do love how they make me feel: Completely and utterly energized. The seemingly abundant moments in life where I lack motivation, inspiration, will, zest or the energy to fulfil the day's duties, I turn to the yoga backbend and it always delivers. And not only do I feel instantly revitalized, but all the hunching over my computer screen suddenly feels okay as my heart bursts wide open...

3. Sexual Healing: Sex High Good for Health


Have you ever noticed how your mood changes after sex? Whether guy or gal, there is a markedly altered chemical shift that occurs post-O regardless of how you felt before; and its effects can be pretty significant. You and your partner may even feel like you're high on something other than each other — and you are; it's called Dopamine...

2. Ecstasy Kills Cancer


It may sound like a hoax, but it’s true: Recent studies show that a modified form of ecstasy kills 100% of blood cancer cells. While patient application is still a long way away, in test tube studies, the modified ecstasy killed all of leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma cells (as reported by the BBC)...

1. 7 Reasons Kale Is the New Beef


Like the saying goes, the only constant is change. We may resist it all we want, but Time and its inevitable evolution of everything in its path is unaffected by our attempts to stop it. The resulting trajectory of humanity's nascent ascent appears to be positioning itself to sweep us into progressive new times, especially where our food choices are concerned, as nearly 7 billion people are now standing on the little scraps of land that we share with some 55 billion rather large animals raised for food each year. (As another famous saying goes: This town ain't big enough for the both of us.) So, beef (and all factory-farmed meat) may be going from rib-eye to relic as we transition to a greener world… literally—as in leafy, green vegetables...

top image: Mykl Roventine

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