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Organic Beer is Bubbling Up in New Zealand

Truth be told, any kind of beer is good beer - I'm not picky - but nowadays new types of beer are popping up…organic beer.


Go to your local vegan restaurant and you're sure to find organic booze. They usually come in brown bottles with artsy labels.

And the organic beer trend is not only picking up steam in the United States, but a brewery in New Zealand is changing the countries perception of what good ale is.

Mike's Organic Brewery is seeing a major up tick in sales, especially as more and more young people get hip to organic - those whippersnappers sure love their hooch!

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From the Organic Authority Files

Special beers or “craft beers,” like organic brews, are getting popular in New Zealand. So much so that Mike's is having a hard time keeping local stores stocked.

Instead of slogging back pint after pint, people in New Zealand are drinking fewer beers when they go out, so they want a higher quality cocktail.

Organic beers are a lot like micro-brews. They're all pretty different; usually stouter and darker, not watery like conventional drinks.

Mike's brewery mixes it up, offering a porter, strawberry ale, pilsner, and others. And they're so popular one retailer had to place an emergency order days after the store received it's first delivery.

I chill out in New York City a lot and at my favorite vegan joint they sell a few organic beers. They taste interesting and they do the job too - wink, wink.

Image Credit: Mike's Organic Brewery

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