Organic Farms in Spain Untouched by the Recession

Many reports indicate that the global recession has hurt sales of organic foods, with large retailers cutting back on organic stuff for cheaper conventional fare.


But small farms, supplying local markets, in Asturias, Spain have weathered the recession and insulated themselves from the hard times.

One farm in Asturias, producing vegetables, cider apples, and lambs, ships 65% of its yield to nearby customers and uses the other 35% to sustain a small hotel farmhouse and restaurant on the property.

From the Organic Authority Files

The sheep travel the furthest from the farm to buyers 60 miles away, with most of the apple juice and vegetables consumed in Asturias.

Small farms thrive because they are not dependent on mega supermarkets and selling their goodies to local specialty stores has helped small organic shops boom, while large retailers have faltered.

I love it! But the only thing I worry about is safety. If one of these small farms causes an outbreak of something nasty, a whole community could be infected, quickly.

Via BBC News.

Image credit: Asturias Your Guide

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