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Organic Sales Up 17%

The economy is in the tank and now more than ever people are trying to save a buck, or two. Maybe they’re passing on name brands and opting for generic instead, or just doing without.


Either way, for the time being, Americans are living more frugally. But, how do you explain the 17% increase in organic sales in 2008, especially when organic foods are typically more expensive?

A report by the Organic Trade Association calls it a whopping increase, with organic food sales now accounting for roughly 3.5% of all food product sales in the United States. And its not just food! The overall boost included sales of personal care products, organic fibers and even pet food.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Researchers believe consumers are getting crafty in order to keep buying organic, like shopping around and using coupons. Not to mention, many value-positioned products, i.e. store brands, are now offering organic options. All great news!

Via Fresh Greens.

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