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Organic Sicilian Avocados Take Europe by Storm

Avocados are the MacGyver of the fruit world. If you get creative, you can do anything with them.


Don't like butter? Smear some avocado on bread, it tastes just like butter. Add avocado to dips or salsa and that's great too.

Heck, I bet if you mix avocado thick enough, you could lay bricks with it.

I guess it's that versatility - probably taste too - that's making organic avocados a big hit in Europe, especially Sicilian avocados.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Avocados from Siciliian are sold throughout Europe - including Germany, Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom - and they've become so popular that the demand has outgrown the supply.

Now that's a good problem. “They're selling like hotcakes!”

Agrinova grows and distributes the avocados and confirms clients have already snapped up their 2011 supply - some aren't even grown yet, I guess.

But the increased demand in organic avocados is not only good for the people eating them, but Agrinova calls avocados a good alternative to citrus fruits.

Personally, I pray to the church of avocado. They're like crack to me.

Image credit: Better Health 4 Less

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