Our Top 25 Foodie Christmas Gifts: Deck the Halls!

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Want to impress the foodie in your life this Christmas? Or are people asking you what tools and gadgets have made their way onto your Christmas list this year? We know what we’d be putting on our list, which is why we’ve put together a list of our top 25 foodie Christmas gifts, both big and small.

No matter your budget, whether you’re looking for a big gift for that special someone or stocking stuffers for a bunch of foodie friends, we guarantee we’ve got the gifts to help you make all of your holiday dreams come true.

Foodie à la Française

The French know how to do it right when it comes to the kitchen. We’ve found loads of French-inspired Christmas gifts to get your kitchen smelling like the land of over 300 cheeses… in a good way!

1. A Fantastic Fondue Pot

There’s no better place to start than the cheese itself — and the 70s fad that went along with it: fondue. Consider writing up and including your favorite Champagne and mushroom fondue recipe when you give this gift — throw in a vegan dark chocolate fondue for dessert! Consider Mauviel’s gorgeous copper fondue set. A gift that will last a lifetime!

2. A Charming Cocotte

If longer simmering is more what you had in mind, this coq au vin cocotte might be more your style. Of course, the deep, wine red color and the cute cockerel on the top may have you thinking this is a kitchen unitasker, but it’s just as perfect for short rib stew or beef bourguignon.

3. The Perfect Tart Pan — “Bon Appétit!”

Serve up dessert à la Julia Child with Mauviel’s copper tarte Tatin pan. Seeing as copper is an excellent conductor of heat, the apples at the bottom of your tarte are sure to come out richly golden, with the crust perfectly cooked and tender.

4. Cute Crockery

A smaller gift that’s no less lovely: bring France to breakfast with beautiful café bowls that are perfect for morning café au lait lovers. In France, bowls are used for morning coffee sipping as well as for souper or supper — an occasional, comforting meal simply consisting of soup. Try sipping our cauliflower and potato soup from these charming bowls.

Get Back to Basics

We all have that friend who never takes any time for herself. Encourage her to slow down with some of these kitchen tools that get you back to the roots of what’s so pleasureful in the kitchen.

5. Simple Storage

Storage is nothing to joke about; busy people often forget about produce languishing in the fridge until it’s too late. Give your friends who are short on time these berry containers — they aren’t just for berries, but also for edamame, delicate veggies or even mushrooms. We’re sure they’ll thank you!

6. Wireless Baking

Unplug for awhile with this wireless beater. It’ll make morning scrambled eggs quick to make and even quicker to clean up — and it’s also the perfect gift to offer in tandem with some of the other items on our back to basics list.

7. Dreamy Decorative Measuring Cups 

Who hasn’t fallen in love with the Anthropologie décor section? Gifts from Anthropologie may seem to run steep, but a few are perfectly reasonably priced and perfect to offer to your pastry-minded friends. We love these decorative cup measures; and we love them even more paired with number eight on our list.

8. Take the Boring out of Baking

Your friends will love to bake up a lovely batch of muffins in a beautiful vintage stargazer muffin pan. The Scandinavian-inspired mold will be perfect with lingonberry muffins — consider writing out the recipe by hand and enclosing it with the gift as a personal touch.

9. Escape to Wonderland

Tea-loving friends can never have too many teapots, but even if they’ve run out of space on the shelf, this parchment check tea set is a fantastic gift– we think it looks straight out of Wonderland. Make it even more personal by adding some looseleaf tea blends of your choosing.

10. Olé for Guacamole

Hosts and hostesses know it’s true — you can never have enough fantastic serving dishes. This beautiful molcajete is the ideal gift for your favorite host: it’s a preparation vessel and serving dish all in one, so his favorite guacamole recipe is no fuss, no muss, and light on cleanup. What more can a busy foodie ask for?

Let’s Get Technical!

Some foodies love spending their time in the kitchen mastering new techniques, and it’s no surprise! Some techniques can be hard to get down, but they’re so rewarding once you can use them in new recipes. Help your favorite technical foodie get even the most complicated techniques right with some of our favorite technical tools.

11. Cutting Edge

All chefs need a good knife; we love the ones from Zwilling — and professionals do too! A whole knife block is a generous gift, particularly for a foodie friend who doesn’t have a favorite knife already. Consider this one for foodies moving out on their own for the first time.

12. Precision is Key

Many cooks don’t actually need a whole knife block, and foodies often already have a knife or two they like. Most kitchen tasks can be accomplished with the indispensable — a quality kitchen knife or paring knife. The knife pair does the job nicely, and is the perfect gift for foodie friends short on tools or for the foodie amateur just starting out in the wonderful world of recipes.

13. Weighing the Choices

A kitchen scale is a must-have in the kitchen, for exact baking or molecular endeavors. This vintage-style scale is beautiful on the counter — it might not be the most precise, but it’s nice for weighing portion sizes, for example with proteins, pasta or rice. This gift would be perfect for a friend with a vintage kitchen and sense of style.

14. The Weight of Exactitude

Of course, for the foodie scientist, a digital food scale is the way to go. This one is quite precise and easy to clean, perfect for pastry, molecular cooking or simply perfectly precise measuring. The Europeans have been writing recipes in grams for years — give your foodie friend the chance to do the same!

15. The Big Kahuna

Of course, nothing says pastry chef like a Kitchen Aid professional mixer. This machine is perfect for your pastry-minded friends — we’re sure your thank you card will come with some freshly baked bread or cakes!

16. Sussing Out Sous Vide

One of the newest foodie trends to make it into home kitchens is sous-vide. These heat-seal vacuum bags are BPA free and food safe, perfect for experimenting with sous vide recipes for the whole family.

17. A Veritable Vacuum Virtuoso

Of course, if you want to get really technical about it (and your friend has been on the nice list this year!), consider this professional immersion circulator for all of his or her sous-vide needs. This professional-grade machine is no joking matter, but kitchen whizzes will have endless fun trying out new recipes.

For the Bar Flies

We all have some friends who are more interested in what they’re drinking than in what they’re eating, and luckily we have some gift ideas in mind for them as well!

18. Getting Giddy with Gin

For those who think homebrewing is so 2013, how does homemade gin sound? This kit is perfect for DIYers and allows cocktail fans to combine juniper berries and a botanical blend to their very own specifications.

19. Cocktail King

Serve up homemade cocktails in a layered beverage server with three distinct levels, perfect for showing off the colors of your red watermelon cooler, pale spicy ginger mint cocktail and jolly green machine.

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for something a bit simpler? Here are just a few of our favorite foodie stocking stuffers:

20. On the Rocks

Sphere ice cube molds, for a perfect drink every time.

21. Counting Calories

A funny calories tea towel, for lighthearted kitchen humor.

22. Wine-O

A wine connoisseur gift set so your friends can enjoy their favorite organic wines in style.

23. No Double Dipping

A 4-piece dipping cup set for perfect hors d’oeuvres.

24. Grate Gift

A hand-held grater is a fantastic choice and much easier to clean than a traditional box grater.

25. Captain Corelli’s Chips

If slicing is more your style, a mandoline is a kitchen must-have for homemade veggie chips.

Check out all of the cool gifts here:

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