The Disney World for Wine Lovers Just Opened in Bordeaux

cité du vin -- a park for wine-lovers

Disney World is where kids’ dreams come true, but what about grown-up dreams? France’s new wine-themed park may be just the thing to fulfill them. After three years of construction, the Cité du Vin (Wine City) has opened in Bordeaux. Yep, wine lovers now have an excuse to drink wine all day (as though you needed one).

Of course, the Cité du Vin is not all about drinking. Conceived as a cultural site dedicated to wine as “cultural, universal, and living heritage,” the Cité du Vin is part museum and part theme park. Visitors will delve into the French concept of terroir, or the ways in which the land of a particular region can influence the flavors found in its products, particularly its wine.

To get acquainted with this idea, visitors begin with a two-hour long accompanied tour through the world of wine (not just French wine). This tour is available in eight different languages and is made up of 20 thematic modules and 120 audio-visual installations — kind of like the “It’s a Small World” ride at Disney World… but, you know, the way it always should have been (WITH WINE).

The ultra-modern building housing these exhibits was designed to emulate the swirling of wine in a glass. Within, you’ll find eight floors of attractions in addition to the main tour, including a wine bottle “library” containing 9,752 bottles from 88 countries, temporary exhibit areas, a reading room, an auditorium with space for 250 for talks and workshops, and an extensive gift shop.

Of course, the tastings are what will interest most visitors, and wine lovers won’t be disappointed by this part of the museum’s offerings. Within the three distinct tasting areas, both wine tastings and food and wine pairing classes are on the regular roster, as well as regularly changing cultural activities, a unique multi-sensory room, and workshops for children.

Yes, children.

Parents who are traveling with kids don’t need to worry about the little ones becoming too bored at the Cité du Vin, where children are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the visit, even the tastings (with grape juice, of course).

The Cité du Vin also boasts several different restaurants, including the 7, a panoramic restaurant on the 7th floor of the building, and Latitude20, the wine bar (because you definitely needed more opportunities for wine).

So… have you booked your flight to Bordeaux yet?

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