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New PBS Documentary Series Focuses on Moving Food Forward


If there are two statements we can make with any certainty about Americans, they are: 1) We love our television, and 2) We have food issues. It's only natural then that the two shall meet in hopes that the former can be used to help alleviate the latter. Meet "Food Forward," the new television documentary series highlighting the changes at hand (er, mouth?) in our challenge to becoming a healthier nation.

Forget the dueling kitchen battles or quests to find the largest burger in America, "Food Forward" is a documentary that focuses on some of the most inspiring stories of real-life food rebels and visionaries. From growing organic and sustainable options on small-scale GMO-free farms, or trading out the chicken nuggets and tater tot school lunches routinely fed to American children for whole fruit, organic milk and locally raised organic chicken, each episode of the series focuses on a unique issue like school lunch reform, urban agriculture, sustainable fishing, grass-fed beef and soil science.

More than 1/3 of Americans are obese and facing diet-related illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Our fast junk food habit combined with the pesticides and chemicals regularly added to our already unhealthy food choices are making it more apparent than ever that we need major dietary changes. Veteran documentary filmmaker Greg Roden leads the "Food Forward" team in search of novel approaches to accessible and delicious food that can help reverse our health problems while also making our country a greener, cleaner and more beautiful place to live.

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From the Organic Authority Files

"Food Forward" is airing on PBS this month. Check your local listings for more information.

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