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President Obama Stoked About New Food Safety Reforms

Food safety in the United States is messy. Think about it. In recent years, we’ve had more than a few national scares.


Off the top of my head, I can list the peanut butter and cookie dough salmonella outbreak, E. coli contaminated spinach and peppers, and countless red meat recalls.

But a new bill passed by the House aims to stop all this, giving the FDA more power to keep tabs on things. President Obama gave it a glowing endorsement.

From the Organic Authority Files

He called it a major step towards modernizing our food safety systems and protecting Americans from tainted food.

The FDA now has more ability to order food recalls, grants increased access to company records, conduct more food inspections and requires all facilities to have a food safety plan in place—makes you wonder what the heck they were doing before!

Via Reuters.

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