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"Dine Out for Farms" - Restaurants Join Up to Help Farms


Feeling charitable? But don't know how to give back? Try going out to eat. The American Farmland Trust's "Dine Out for Farms" has paired up with local restaurants to help support a sustainable future for America's farms.

The inaugural event kicked off on Sunday and continues until Friday, October 16, with over 40 restaurants taking part, including major cities all over the United States, like Pittsburgh, Washington, DC, and Seattle.

According to the American Farmland Trust's website, Dine Out for Farms will help further a healthier vision for farms and spread healthy food and healthy communities all across America. Wow, very cool. Usually when we eat out in this country, the only thing that spreads is our backsides.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Dine Out for Farms also works hand-in-hand with family farmers and promotes policies that help communities become more farm-friendly.

For more information on Dine Out for Farms, check out their website. And if you're a restaurant owner looking to participate in the program, sign up for next year's benefit week.

When it comes to farms and farmers, we're very charitable in this country. Farm Aid just celebrated 25 years of protecting local farming; this year's musical acts included Neil Young, Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, and Willie Nelson.

Willie rocks! He has other causes that are worth smoking - err, supporting - too!

Image credit: Martin LaBar

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