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Roaming Hunger App Herds the Mobile Food Truck Masses


Hungry? Of course you are. What to do? Take it to the streets, my foodie people…as in, chase down one of those trendy mobile food trucks. Can't seem to find one? Yeah, you guessed it, there's an app for that.

Roaming Hunger is a free mobile phone app created because someone decided we just have to keep track of all those foodie trucks across the country. Otherwise, it's chaos--the wild, wild west of wheeled restaurants. So think of Roaming Hunger as brave cowboys (or spunky border collies) rounding up the herds of restaurants on wheels as they roam the open country.

Once you download and install the mobile phone app, you can check out what's happening in your city. Roaming Hunger uses real time technology (aka Twitter), calendars and probably a few psychic powers to track the vendors in the program so they can let you know with some credibility where the vendors will be. The app only tracks food trucks in the program, and as we all know by now, mobile food trucks are rapidly reproducing faster than we can eat an ommmm good dosa truck meal, so if you see new trucks out there that aren't in the Roaming Hunger library, tip them off.

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From the Organic Authority Files

The app is pretty cool and useful. You can sort and search by vendor name and style of food, read up on the street food blog (if you really have nothing better to do with your time, that is, unless of course you are a mobile food vendor yourself, or a writer who finds writing blogs about people who write blogs about mobile food trucks somewhere in between totally fascinating and utterly insane…).

The best tool might be that you can actually set up alerts so you know when a mobile food truck is in your hood. And, you can even use the app to book your favorite food trucks to cater your next event ("Night of Readings From the Mobile Food Truck Blogs"?). Once you setup an account, you can "heart" your favorite vendors, which gives them an app equivalent of an extra life on Super Mario Brothers. See, and you thought technology was pure evil. It's pretty tasty too.

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Photo: Roaming Hunger

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