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Silk Cuts Out Organic - But Doesn't Tell Anyone

Silk soymilk quietly drops the “organic.” In a cost-cutting move, Silk switched from organic soybeans to cheaper beans.


Not genetically modified, but most likely beans grown with pesticides.

So instead of organic, Silk is going with the “all natural” claim, which Consumer Reports insists is very different.

To call something organic requires an in-depth certification process, but “all natural” only means it contains no artificial flavors or genetically modified organisms.

Currently, Silk soymilk hogs 70% of the market, but retailers suspect the company's credibility will take a hit. And why shouldn't it?

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From the Organic Authority Files

A spokesperson for Silk said they saw no reason to notify buyers because switching beans did not constitute a major reformulation, which is a bizarre thing to say, since many people seek out organic products for their organic formulation.

But the company does claim it developed a “comprehensive plan” to announce the change, using a combination of emails to distributors, retailers, and brokers.

However, customers missed the boat. In a small Texas supermarket a hand-written sign was on display to inform consumers about the organic nix.

It's pretty crappy, but I'm a skeptic of big business, so I'm not surprised. And I got tricked too. I just checked the empty Silk cartoon in my trash can, not organic!


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