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Sludge in the White House Organic Garden!

First Lady Michelle Obama had a great idea. Plant a little organic garden on the White House lawn. And why not! It sets a good example for the rest of the country.


But here’s the problem. Michelle’s garden is corrupted with toxic sludge, dashing her hopes for “organic” homegrown vegetables.

So what exactly is the “goo” infiltrating the White House garden? It’s sewage. Turns out the Clinton presidential gardening team used sewage to fertilizer the grounds.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Here's the problem, in addition to being gross, sewer refuse is high in toxic metals.

So when the National Park Service tested the dirt in Michelle's garden they found elevated levels of lead—on average 93 parts per million—still below what the EPA says is harmful to human health, but high enough to keep Michelle’s garden from ever being considered organic.

Via Daily Finance.

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