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Sweet Misery and the Untamed World of Aspartame

In one of the greatest ironies about eating ‘lite,’ artificial sweeteners – like aspartame - actually contribute to weight gain according to Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton. Other researchers like Dr. Janet Starr Hull, creator of the Aspartame Detoxification Program counts 92 different health side effects associated with aspartame.

I believe with my heart and soul that chemicals sabotage our natural weight loss system, zap our energy and prevent what could be permanent weight loss efforts.

Avoiding chemicals in your diet and eating only whole, organic foods, is a core foundation of Laura Klein’s Green Club. Inside the Green Club, I cite studies that show FDA-approved chemicals in our food are seriously dangerous and help members take baby steps towards a healthier, non-toxic way of eating and living.


From the Organic Authority Files

The chemical I consider Public Enemy Number One? Aspartame.

Aspartame is made of: phenylalanine and aspartic acid (amino acids) as well as methanol alcohol or wood alcohol. Methanol is known to be poisonous even when consumed in relatively modest amounts. Disorders caused by toxic levels of methanol include blindness, brain swelling and inflammation of the pancreas and heart muscle.

Is it any surprise that aspartame complaints represent 80-85% of food complaints registered with the FDA?

That’s why the documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World , struck a chord with me. In the film, aspartame ‘victims’ speak honestly about their personal battles with myriad sicknesses from MS to neurological disorders to brain cancer. The film also reveals the parallel between a spike in brain cancer rates and the introduction of aspartame to the marketplace in 1983.

Check out a sneak peak of the film on, and let us know what you think.

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