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The Experiment: Genetically Modified Foods & You


One of the biggest topics we cover here at Organic Authority is biotech a.k.a. GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It's almost hard to believe that nearly 80 percent of all processed foods now contain GMOs; and what's worse is that there are currently absolutely no labeling requirements anywhere in the U.S.! But there is good news: California is working to become the first state to require mandatory labeling of GMOs. And we're so honored to be participating in a panel discussion on this topic next week. Read on for the details!

On November 15th, please join me as I moderate The Experiment: Genetically Modified Foods & You. Joining me will be a panel of industry experts, including OA's own news writer, Jill Ettinger. She'll be giving an overview on the industry, the effects and risks of GMOs.

Pamm Larry from will shine some light on the campaign to get the issue on the California 2012 ballot and how you can help make this the first state to require GMO labeling (most other developed world countries already do this!).

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From the Organic Authority Files

Jeremy Seifert is the award-winning filmmaker of DIVE! Living Off America's Waste—a profound look at dumpster diving and food waste in America that ultimately led him to want answers about another major food issue: GMOs. He's currently working on a new feature documentary on this issue and will share a clip from the forthcoming film as well as insight into his dealings with Monsanto and farmers around the world.

We're also very excited that David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps will be joining us! In October, David was one of hundreds of activists who walked from New York City to Washington D.C. to demand GMO labeling as part of the Right2Know March. He'll talk about the trip and what the Bronner family is doing to help make GMO labeling mandatory.

Proceeds from this event will go to support the California ballot initiative to label GMO. Organic tea and snacks will be provided. So please come and join us and bring your questions and ideas about how to tackle the issue of genetically modified foods!

The Experiment :: Genetically Modified Foods & You
Location :: PB Loft | 821 Traction Avenue #108 | LA 90013
Date & Time :: Tues | Nov 15th | 8:00pm (doors open @ 7:30pm)
Price :: $20 (proceeds going to Cal Ballot initiative)
Register Here:
Contact Email:

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