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TLC's "Freaky Eaters," Compulsively Eating Raw Meat


I thought Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut were freaky eaters. Who eats a billion hotdogs and doesn't get carted off to Creedmoor! But “competitive eating” isn't the only food freak show. TLC's new showFreaky Eaters takes a look at people with strange food obsessions, like eating raw meat and cola addiction.

Picky eaters are one thing, but freaky eaters are entirely different. If you don't eat green beans or broccoli because they're icky, you're a pick eater. But compulsively eating raw meat, despite the health risks, then you're a little crazy - err, freaky.

Based on the British show of the same name, Freaky Eaters aims to rehab outrageous eaters inside 22 minutes. No word if the two hosts made a deal with the devil or have super powers. Actually, they use behavioral therapy.

In addition to the raw meat eater, the show also explores a girl's compulsion to drink 30 cans of soda each day and a middle-aged man who can't stop downing cheeseburgers. To scare him straight, the hosts open a box truck in his driveway, spilling out 1,400 cheeseburgers. The total number he eats in a year.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Good thing he doesn't live in Seattle. Seattle bars are serving up high-class burgers made with filet mignon and feta cheese. He'd go broke!

The U.K. version of the show, features freaky eaters who are addicted to the British equivalent of SpaghettiOs and Yorkshire pudding. Bloody hell!

I think the only food I could be addicted to is sushi, but I couldn't do it. I don't want to get Jeremy Piven mercury poisoning.

But I guess a sushi fetish isn't as bad as eating fried margaritas. Vomit!

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