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Unhealthy Food News: Beer Stabbing & Cola Addiction

It’s a kooky world. Just when you think you’ve seen it all—WHAM—this news comes over the wire.


After being stabbed, a Canadian man went back to the bar to finish his beer, instead of seeking medical attention!

And in a Sweden, a woman convinced the court to let her enter an addiction program, for Coca-Cola.

When police arrived they found the man drinking a beer despite a minor “poke” to his chest. And he was uncooperative and wouldn’t talk.

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From the Organic Authority Files

So, since the stabbed man was cool with it, the police weren’t all that concerned and so far no suspects have been named; The Edmonton Sun reports.

Wow, I guess it was a great beer.

Now, in Malmo, Sweden a court of appeals overturned an earlier decision and will allow a woman, who has been deaf since childhood, to check into a facility for addictions to Coca-Cola and food.

The new court order is in response to the woman saying her eating and drinking habits have led to emergency hospitalization for diabetes and high blood pressure; via The United Press International.

I weep for our species.

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