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Vegan Celebrity Mamas


So you think you’re eco-hot stuff coz you gave up meat and dairy? Maybe. But you’re not celebrity status eco-hot until you’ve raised vegan babies. Whoa, now that’s eco.

The Hollywood buzz is all hyped up about vegan A-listers Alicia Silverstone and Natalie Portman, who’ve both recently announced that their bellies are carrying veggie babies. Move over, vegetarian, vegan has taken over. And move over, vegan, because vegan babies are soon to be ruling the world.

Unless you’ve had your head under the Hollywood sand, you’ve heard by now the news of Alicia Silverstone and Natalie Portman. Both actresses have recently become pregnant, and both follow a strict vegan diet. True, Portman is new to the strictly veggie lifestyle—but Miss Silverstone has been following greens for years now. Shortly after her Clueless days she went meatless, and for years since she’s been completely animal-free. Both lovely ladies have intentions to stay vegan for their terms, although it’s presented challenges for others who have walked this path before.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Take Alyson Hannigan, television actress who began her career on Buffy in the 90’s. Before giving birth to her child in 2009, she had followed a strict vegan diet—but just months into her pregnancy, Hannigan craved meat and cheese, two very big no-no’s for a vegan. Others in her rankings have included Tiffani Thiessen, Brooke Shields, and Jennifer Connelly—all vegan or vegetarian advocates who set aside their strict diets while pregnant.

If we know anything about Hollywood, it’s that we can expect it to keep us abreast of the latest from budding mamas Silverstone and Portman. Silverstone has announced to her loyal fan base on her blog The Kind Diet that she’ll be keeping followers up to date on her pregnancy as it develops. And we’ll no doubt get the latest buzz on Portman from any given celebrity gossip television show or paper.

It’s an exciting time for the vegan community—school lunch reform, political and superstar endorsements, and now—vegan celebrity babies. Their time has come.

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