Vegans Celebrate First Annual ‘Vegan Pizza Day’ January 29th

All holidays were made up by someone, somewhere, for reasons that may or may not have been as awesome as vegan pizza. And though Annual Vegan Pizza Day is probably pretty far down on the list in warranting school and bank closings, vegans can still celebrate on Jan. 29th in soy pepperoni solidarity.

The first annual Vegan Pizza Dayhas official group action happening in Los Angeles, Portland, Indianapolis and Milwaukee, and zpizza locations across the country will also be serving up vegan slices (check their Web site for details). LA’s own vegan blogger extraordinaire,, is an official sponsor of the event.

Whether you’re a fan of faux toppings including mock pepperonis, hams and sausages and the popular it-melts-like-real-cheese stuff(which has found its way onto pies all over Southern California, including the all-vegan Cruzer’s Los Feliz location), or you’re a puritan at heart sticking with veggies and pie sans cheese, pizza is a great way to share a vegan meal with friends.

Minus the cheese and salty, fatty meats, pizza can actually be a really nutritious meal, and one of the easiest vegan eats you can find in virtually every city. Load up a whole wheat or gluten free crust with spinach, peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and olives and you’ve also got yourself a pretty tasty healthy meal.

The official event Web site states, “Simply put, Vegan Pizza Day is a celebration of the most awesomest food ever…VEGAN PIZZA! We love it so much, we think it deserves its own holiday.” Right on. Anytime a group of people dream up a holiday centered around healthy food choices, that’s got to a be a step in the right direction for all of humanity. Maybe next year they’ll call it Organic Super Yummy Best Vegan Pizza Celebration Ever Day.

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Photo: Flickr4Jazz