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Vermont Company Selling Organic Wool Mattress Pads

I wonder if sheep like eating organic nom-noms. Either way, feeding sheep organic food, makes organic wool.


And organic wool can be used to make many of the same things regular wool is used for, like fabrics, yarn, and mattress pads.

Vermont Organic Fiber
, a leading provider of organic wool, has launched a new line of mattress pads made with organic wool, or O-Wool as it's called.

So, what makes organic wool so special, and how do you make it?

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From the Organic Authority Files

Believe it or not, but organic fibers, like organic wool, are a $3.2 billion global industry, up 63% from $1.9 billion in 2007 to 2008. In the United States, the organic fabric market totaled $472 million in 2008, a jump of 65% from 2007.

And making wool organic is pretty simple. You force the sheep to put on Birkenstocks, listen to the Grateful Dead, and wear “Legalize It” t-shirts. No, kidding.

For wool to be recognized as “organic” in the U.S., it must come from animals fed only organic feed, and raised without any synthetic hormones or pesticides.

As for Vermont Organic Fiber's organic mattress pads, the company insists they'll help you sleep cozily, and sell for $45 to $250, depending on the size.

Via dBusinessNews.

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