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We Love Our Friends!

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In our quest to provide you with the best organic foodie news and recipes around, we tend to come accross some really interesting articles from our friends around the web. Greenopolis shares with us some really cool art that's been upcyled to National Geographic's caption of a giant elephant shrew.

1. Something good has come from all of those plastic water bottles, Derek Markham of Greenopolis shares these really cool upcycled plastic water bottles that have been turned into beautiful works of art. 

2.April Dávila over at YesMagazine, wondered what it would take to cut the GMO giant out of her family’s life. She found that it was far more entrenched than she’d ever realized. She writes about A Month Without Monsanto.

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3. David Kirby at the Huffington Post has written a call-to-arms to make egg-farming safer.

4. Do you have the itch to create a purposeful intent for your day? Get inspired and check out

5. Have you ever heard of an elephant shrew? Well, apparently they do exist and a giant version has been found in a remote Kenya forest. National Geographic, has a photo (it is super cute!).

image: EGFI

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