What a Crappy House…

Ever step in dog poop? It’s so bad! It’s gross and it stinks. Now, imagine living in a house built with animal crap, seriously.

It could happen. Those bricks are made using cow dung. Believe it or not, poop bricks are 20% lighter and 20% stronger than clay bricks.

There are ecological advantages too. Digging up clay scars the land and mining equipment and machines release carbon emissions.

And as ironic as it may sound, crap bricks are actually cleaner and putting the dung to better use may help improve public hygiene in developing countries. In parts of Indonesia where cow dung from farming is abundant, rural communities may people to develop partnerships with local communities in need of building materials.

Experts call the bricks a feasible solution for rapidly emerging areas in Indonesia and other nations.

Via TreeHugger.