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Why I feed my Dogs Organic Food

When people meet my dogs, Bamboo and Truffle, they are immediately drawn to their luxurious healthy coats. People invariably ask me what I feed my dogs. When I tell them I feed them organic dog food and organic fruits, veggies and meats they think I’m crazy. When they continue to ask me if I eat organic I say, "of course!" Their reaction: they immediately assume I am some sort of hippy (Do I look like a hippy? No!). I guess you can’t blame them, I used to think the same thing: people who eat organic foods and live a “non-toxic lifestyle” are “granola” people, and who would want to live like that and give up all my creature comforts!

It wasn’t until I went to culinary school that I discovered the true tasty treasures of organic food and one of the biggest secrets of the finest chefs in the world. The best chefs used nothing but the finest ingredients in their dishes which include using as many organic ingredients they can find. I was hooked.

As I got deeper into this organic thing, it started spilling over into my personal life. I began questioning what the heck is in all these personal and cleaning products I use everyday?!? Upon closer look at these products, I threw them all in the trash!

So back to why I feed my dog organic food. Well number one, after uncovering all the toxic chemicals, pesticides and other garbage, agribusiness and conventional food producers spray on their crops and put in their highly processed products, I can only imagine what’s in my dog’s food.

On the advice of my holistic veterinarian, I started feeding my first dog, Bamboo, fresh organic foods including vegetables, some fruits and of course meat in addition to her regular organic dog food, Karma Organic Food For Dogs . He theorized that a lot of the nutritional value in conventional dog food is lost in the processing of the food product. Thus, to ensure that Bamboo gets the nutritional vitamins and minerals she needs fresh organic and natural foods added to her daily diet. Well that made sense! After all, if she were living in the wild that is exactly what she’d be eating!

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From the Organic Authority Files

The result: Bamboo now has the most gorgeous coat I have ever seen (of course I am a little biased, but many people would agree with me). I now have a second dog, Truffle who is seven months old and I have her on the same diet. She, like Bamboo, was a rescue dog who at the time of her rescue virtually had no coat. Now her fur has a nice vibrant sheen to it and is incredibly healthy.

Now when people ask me “what do you feed your dogs” and I tell them organic dog food along with whole organic foods, I then ask them the same question, if they don’t answer organic dog food, I look at them as if they’re crazy!

My friends, the proof in the pudding, simply take one look at and feel my dog’s luxurious coat and there is little left to convince people of. Particularly when cancer rates, heart disease and obesity are on a steady increase in animals just as it is in humans. Now who’s crazy not to be eating natural and organic foods?

If you want to know where you can order organic pet foods, visit Only Natural Pet Store online.

By the way if you want to see a picture of Bamboo, check out her photo with me on my home page at .

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