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Wisconsin Farmers Wish They Had More Organic Turkeys

Since people are pinching pennies like never before, you'd assume they'd bail on the organic turkey.


Organic turkeys don't come cheap! In Wisconsin, a 16 pound organic, free-range bird can cost you around 70 bucks.

Sounds like a lot, considering the kiddie table never finishes their food, Uncle Bob only eats the drumstick, and the rest ends up as cold sandwiches.

So one farmer in Wisconsin figured this year he wouldn't sell that many organic turkeys, wrong guess.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Turns out, they're still buying them, and now he has to turn people away. He doesn't have enough birds to go around.

Farmer Matthew Smith was worried that he'd get stuck with unsold birds, so he didn't raise as many as he normally does. But he sold out in three weeks.

A local food co-op believes people are being smarter with their organic purchases, instead of buying things like organic cookies and snacks, they are shifting priorities and just buying organic meat, butter, and cheese.

Makes sense, in light of swine flu and E. coli, people probably are more likely to get willies about meat than organic potato chips.

Via The Wisconsin State Journal.

Image credit: WWVB

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