Would You Buy Organic Food from Oprah?

Mogul millionaire Oprah Winfrey may soon be coming to dinner…or at least, to your dinner plate…and maybe your shower, too. The New York Post is reporting that Ms. Winfrey’s namesake recently filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Organizations for trademarks on the name “Oprah’s Organics.”

The products, according to the trademark filing, would include foods such as salad dressings, soups and beverages, as well as personal care and household items including soaps and hair care products.

Ms. Winfrey’s name was also on another business registration as “Oprah’s Farm LLC,” which was filed in Maui with the Hawaii Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs.

There’s no telling what kind of boon the Oprah bump could bring to the human health and environmental benefits of organic foods. While organics are already the fastest growing segment of the food industry, they only make up around four percent of total foods sold in the U.S.

Issues surrounding GMOs have been getting national attention over California’s recent Proposition 37—which failed to pass earlier this month. Even despite the measure’s failure, concerns over the risks connected with GMOs are expected to send more Americans towards making organic purchases in efforts to avoid genetically modified foods. No word yet whether Oprah’s Organics would also bear the Non-GMO Verified certification from the Non-GMO project.

Oprah has dabbled with healthier foods in recent years, even adhering to a strict vegan diet for several weeks out of her disdain over the horrors of factory farming.

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Image: Oprah’s Facebook