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Kitchen Maintenance Tips

The following are simple kitchen maintenance tips that will help keep your kitchen in tip top shape.

  1. Knives. Why is it important to keep them sharp? Dull knives are more dangerous than sharp knives. Dull knives can easily slip which usually results in cutting the cook.Additional cutting tip: When cutting produce, or anything for that matter, to avoid the threat of a knife slipping and cutting you, create a flat surface on whatever you are cutting. Example: If you are cutting something round like an apple, create a flat surface by cutting off a small portion of the top, bottom or a side and now you have a safe flat surface to work with and you can begin cutting your battonets!
  2. Label left-overs in plastic wear and baggies. Have you ever gone to clean your refrigerator before a big party and found 20 unidentifiable items that have been forgotten or lost in the back of the refrigerator? Use masking tape and label all leftovers in baggies and plastic wear and date them so you know when they went into your refrigerator!
  3. Throw out the old to make space for the fresh. Throw out old spices that have gone stale such as ground nutmeg and cinnamon that lose flavor when ground and stored for long periods of time. These spices should be bought whole to keep their freshness and have a longer shelf life. Baking powder should not be kept for more than six months. Baking powder loses its activating capability needed for baking after six months. Label it with a date when you buy it then you know when to toss it and buy a fresh container.
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