11 Summer Grilling Recipes to Impress Your Guests

11 great grilling recipes and grilling ideas.

While you can grill up a tasty meal all year long, summer just feels like the season for grilling vegetables and meats outside. We’ve rounded up 11 grilling recipes (also know as unique grilling ideas that will impress your dinner guests) to help you kick the season off right.

Grilling recipes, simple

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 1. Grilled Avocados

This recipe struck me as a great idea because 1. I’ve yet to see anyone I know grill an avocado and 2. it looks great. We’re sure this will be one of the grilling recipes your house guests will love.

Grilled recipes, pizza

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2. Grilled Hummus Pizza

This pizza is probably one of the more simple grilling recipes we’ve listed here. All you need is some pita, hummus, and assorted toppings (olives, feta, etc.).

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3. Grilled Fruit

This is one of the best grilling ideas I’ve seen. Because what’s more refreshing than grilled fruit? Fruits that taste great when grilled are pineapple, plums, watermelon, apricots, figs, bananas, peaches, and strawberries.

Grilling ideas, endive

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4. Grilled Greens

Yes. You can grill endive and kale. It might seem like one of the more bonkers grilling ideas, but it’s not. Grilled greens will give any picnic sandwich an extra kick.

image: whole grilled chicken on a black enamel plate with a halved lime and sea salt in a small bowl and sprinkled around a bottle of Tabasco for whole grilled chicken recipe with chipotle rub via organic authority.
Credit: Image from “The Summer Table” cookbook.

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5. Whole Grilled Chipotle Chicken

This unique grilling recipe will please any spicy chicken lover.

Image: Kate Sears

Grilling ideas, eggplant

6. Grilled Eggplant

Grilled eggplant is so simple to prepare, and fun to eat — you can put any topping you desire on this purple vegetable. This recipe calls for grilling the eggplant and layering fresh veggies atop it — kind of like a cool, refreshing summer lasagne.

Grilling recipes, beef and onions

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7. Grilled Beef and Onions

Beef and onions is on of the classic grilling ideas because both are perfectly suited to be cooked atop a grill. This link has grilling instructions for both foods.

Grilling ideas, grilled veggies

8. Grilled Artichokes with Olive Oil, Lemon, and Herbs

This dish may take a bit longer to prepare, but it’s one of those can’t-forget grilling recipes to add to your menu. It’s fresh and full of summery flavors.

Grilling recipes, burgers

9. Blue Cheese Cabernet Organic Burgers

Let’s face it. It wouldn’t be a BBQ without a burger on the menu. This recipe is unique and will please all the meat loving foodies in your family.

Grilling ideas, mushrooms

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10. Grilled Shitake Mushrooms

This is basically the equivalent of the burger for vegans and vegetarians. These mushrooms are juicy and savory, and taste great on a bun or alone.

Grilling recipes, sweet corn

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11. Grilled Sweet Corn

Something about grilled sweet corn screams summer. This recipe is fresh, juicy, and the perfect blend of salty and sweet.

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