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13 Irrational Pie Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day

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Pi Day

This year is a big year for Pi Day. Held on March 14th, Pi Day is celebrated around the globe to commemorate pi. For those who may not remember, pi, or 3.14, is the mathematical constant ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

First started in 2001, Pi Day went from an obscure holiday celebrated by mathematicians to a slightly less obscure holiday celebrated by geeks and pie-lovers alike. This year is significant because the date, 3/14/15, matches up with the first four digits after the decimal point--3.1415--which is pretty much a once in a century occurrence. As a result of the novelty, everyone seems to be getting in on the pi action.

Whether its fruit, savory or hand pies, one thing is pretty much constant across Pi Day celebrations and that is pie. Not only are pies delicious and a homonym of pi, but as a circular dessert they are pretty much the ideal representation of pi!

Of course, if you are planning your own Pi Day celebration, you don’t want to bake just any old pie. The holiday calls for a special recipe to build on the novelty of the holiday. Here's a gluten-free pie crust recipe for those who are gluten-intolerant, but who want to join in too.

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From the Organic Authority Files

13 Perfect Pie Recipes to Celebrate Pi Day

  1. Chocolate Fried Pies - Chocolate fried hand pies.
  2. Pie Fries - Not really a pie, but fun nonetheless.
  3. One-Hundred-Digit Berry Pie - This one looks like a lot of hard work, but very satisfying.
  4. Banoconut Cream Pie - You don’t have to decide between banana or coconut.
  5. Peach and Brown Sugar Pie - Kick peach pie up a notch.
  6. Apple Cream Pie - A twist on a classic.
  7. Chicken Pot Pie with Chanterelles - You can celebrate with a savory pie.
  8. Pi Day Cookies? - Again, not a pie.
  9. Ricotta and Rice Pie - Impress with this simple Italian-style dessert.
  10. Heart Cherry Hand Pies - Hand pies are easy to serve!
  11. Irish Stout Shepherd’s Pie - Get an early start on St. Patrick’s Day.
  12. Skillet Sugar Pie - Another simple recipe.
  13. “Dark Matter” Pie - This is a twofer pie.

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