3 DIY Christmas Centerpieces (Simple and Elegant in 10 Minutes Flat)

holiday centerpiece in tifanny blue photo

If you’re looking to put your best face forward with the holiday season, you may want to try one of these DIY Christmas centerpieces. Because while taste matters, presentation can be equally as important. Choose one of these simple and elegant Christmas centerpieces that come together in just a few minutes. Think minimal effort, minimal cost, and totally DIY.

3 DIY Christmas Centerpieces

cranberries and greenery photo

Cranberries and Greenery

What You’ll Need:

Clear glass bowl vase, enough fresh cranberries to fill the vase depending on the size,
holly leaves, pine needle branches, white hydrangea blooms.


1. Fill the vase almost to the brim with cranberries.

2. Arrange the holly leaves, pine needles, and hydrangea so they’re evenly distributed along the top of the vase.

holiday ornaments and wine glasses holiday centerpiece photo

Holiday Ornaments and Wine Glasses

What You’ll Need

Table runner that matches the color scheme of the holiday ball ornaments, holiday ball ornaments in various colors and sizes, tall clear glass vase, two wine glasses.


1. Set table runner up on the table lengthwise.

2. Place the tall vase in the middle and the two wine glasses equidistant in either direction.

3. Fill the vase and two wine glasses with holiday ball ornaments.

reindeer centerpiece photo

Reindeer Gone Wrong

What You’ll Need

Medium-sized rustic tin can, light green ball bead necklaces, faux reindeer antlers, holiday ball ornaments in light blue, tall white candle, holly or pine branches.


1. Place tall candle in the tin can.

2. Fill in around the tin can with holly or pine branches.

3. Place reindeer antlers and decorate with holiday ball ornaments.

4. Drape beads from the tin can.

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