3 Tools for Making Raw Pasta

Many of us approach pasta as a big bowl of fatigue-inducing carbs. But that’s far from the only way we should be looking at noodles, especially now that carb-free pasta is so easy to make! Make your very own pasta out of veggies and avoid the carbo-loading of traditional wheat noodles while still enjoying your favorite sauces.

Of course, if you’re planning on making raw vegetable pasta at home, you’ll need the right tools. That’s where we come in. Here are three of our very favorite tools for making raw pasta.

The Cheap

If you want to make raw pasta as an occasional dish and not every day, you might not want to invest in a giant unitasker that will take up space on your counter. Luckily, there’s a tool for you: the julienne peeler is the perfect way to make an occasional plate of raw pasta without the fuss, and it fits easily into your cutlery drawer.

Perfectly designed for soft-firm vegetables like zucchini and other summer squash, the idea behind the peeler is to allow you to slice any vegetable into julienne pieces, perfect for imitating spaghetti. It’s tougher to use on more solid vegetables like carrots, but it will get the job done, and for less than ten dollars, you can’t do much better.

The Affordable

If you’re looking to invest in something a bit easier to use, the saladacco might just be your new best friend. This machine comes straight from Japan and is the perfect way to create raw spaghetti with zucchini, carrots, or parsnips. The advantage of the machine is that it isn’t a unitasker: it’s also perfect for creating slices, julienne strips or cubes. At less than 30 dollars, it’s a great option for those looking to invest a bit more into their raw pasta making ventures.

The Extravagant

If you’re really devoted to raw pasta making, it’s time to invest the big bucks in a spirooli. The spirooli is an easy-to-use slicer that makes spaghetti, linguine and tagliatelle-like strands out of a variety of vegetables and fruits. Try it on zucchini, cucumber, beets, carrots, daikon, parsnips, turnips, squash, potatoes, radishes and even apples.

If you need some inspiration for how to use your new raw pasta-making skills, try out some of our favorite recipes:

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